The Myersville Volunteer Fire Rescue Company 8

Are you at least 14 years of age? 14 allows you to join the department as a Junior Cadet member. Junior Cadet members, although are not permitted to ride and perform operational duties yet, can help out with any functions put on by MVFC. Ages 14-16 years old is a Cadet Member, this allows you to "get a foot in the door" and get to know the fundamentals of the fire service. Once you hit 16-18 years of age and with parental consent, this age range allows you to become a Junior Operational member. At this age you are able to enroll in FREE fire/rescue COLLEGE credited courses though the University of Maryland - Fire Rescue Institute otherwise known as "MFRI". Starting with Frederick County Orientation Training Program (Gear Up Orientation Training) www.gearupfirerescue.com

This course prepares new volunteers for a future in the fire and rescue service and includes an introduction to apparatus, CPR-AED, HIPAA and several other compliance programs. At this age and with the minimum riding qualifications, this allows you to ride the apparatus where you are then able to chose which path fits you most. Whether it be EMS riding an Ambulance, Firefighting riding a Fire Engine, or Rescue riding our Rescue Squad which also doubles a fire engine if need be. OR you could obtain all the training necessary and ride all of the above! Once you turn 18 years old you will then be classified as a full Active Member with completion of basic riding requirements from the company and completion of either Firefighter 1 or an EMT-B class.

If running emergency calls and preforming operational duties isn't for you, then maybe consider joining as a Social Member. Social membership allows you to participate in all functions of MVFC (Meetings, Fundraising, Public Events, ect.)Social Memberships can be for all ages.

With that said, Join and be active in your local volunteer fire department! It’s been no secret that over the past couple years, volunteerism at volunteer fire departments has drastically declined, and we need your help now, more than ever. This puts not only the public in harms way but also the firefighters and providers that now have to respond undermanned, but no worries, MVFC is fortunate to have career staffing 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have careers, families and we all volunteer for different reasons but it all comes from wanting to protect the community in which we live in. Our volunteers may work in fire and rescue as their profession but many of our volunteers work outside the fire and rescue scope. No matter your career path, there is a place for you to volunteer within our organization and most importantly, we have a proud organization that has a role for everyone. Our volunteers are people who unselfishly give of their time to help others, they are dedicated individuals who train hard, go the extra mile and are ready at a moment’s notice when the call comes in to help those in need. We are firefighters, emergency medical technicians, ambassadors, auxiliary and / or administrative members.

We volunteer as firefighters and EMS workers because we wish to:

  • Make a contribution to their community

  • Use their skills and experience

  • To explore one’s own strengths

  • To network and meet other people

  • To belong to something they can be proud of

  • Improve job opportunities

  • To fulfill their dreams

Our organization is dedicated to providing quality and cost effective services that:

  • Protect our citizens

  • Protect their property

  • Protect the environment from effects of fire, medical emergencies, and man-made disasters which pose a threat to our communities

We are professionals! We have pride, respect, and a fellowship that bonds us together as volunteers.

All aspects of our fire company can use help from administrative functions, fund raisers to operational support! Get your group of friends together or Make it a family affair! We have something for everyone. As a volunteer with MVFC, part of the benefit to being a medical emergency services provider and firefighter is the team-centered work environment. You will serve with other firefighters and emergency service professionals to rescue victims from car accidents, extinguish fires, and respond to many other types of emergency situations. Working together creates a sense of community, encourages camaraderie, and builds lifelong friendships. You will feel a sense of confidence from your accomplishments and in the knowledge and skills you acquire from your training. And there is little that can compare to the satisfaction that comes from doing an important job, while contributing to the security and welfare of your community.

Some of the other benefits you can enjoy as a company volunteer:

  • Training, Physical and FIT testing and Personal Protective Equipment provided at no cost to you

  • Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) – similar to a retirement program and offers financial rewards to volunteers based on their years of service

  • Maryland Tax Credit (after 3 years of service and currently $4,500)

  • Awards Recognition – annual state, countywide and individual company programs

  • Wills for Heros

  • College credits for some of the training classes (FCC now accepts ProBoard and IFSAC)

  • Workers Comp Insurance

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Family fun events

The intangible benefits are equally as important – including satisfaction of doing something worthwhile, helping your community, saving lives, obtaining skills that will impact your personal and professional life; and being part of something exciting and special.

Feel free to email Deputy Fire Chief Travis Routzahn at TRRoutzahn@MyersvilleVFC.org for information on joining. If you would like a tour, or just want to ask questions, etc. we will gladly point you in the right direction for a great hobby, or potential career path!

A Membership Application (PDF) is located at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

Feel free to fill it out and either mail or drop it off to us at:

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