Past Presidents & Chiefs


The following persons have faithfully served the Myersville Volunteer Fire Company as President. They dedicated their time, talents and leadership abilities unselfishly to make this company the best it could be.

1931-Frank Lowery-Temporary Chairman

1932-R. Bittle Poffenberger/Walter R. Falkenstein

1933-1939-Walter R. Falkenstein

1940-1942-D. Edgar Bittle

1943-1945-Joseph R. Harp

1946-Paul L. Hoffmaster

1947-Paul F. Bittle

1948-Paul F. Bittle

1949-Guy C. Kline

1950-D. Carroll Shepley

1951-George C. Rice

1952-Paul L. Hoffmaster

1953-Joseph R. Harp

1954-J. Edwin Falkenstein

1955-George C. Rice

1956-George C. Rice

1957-John F. Englebrect

1958-John F. Englebrect

1959-Joseph R. Harp

1960-1968-Paul F. Bittle

1969-Howard T. (Sonny) Miller

1970-Howard T. (Sonny) Miller

1971-1975-Charles S. Martin

1976-Raymond F. Hinkle

1977-Raymond F. Hinkle

1978-Ernest Hughes

1979-Ernest Hughes

1980-Billy Eckstine

1981-Paul Spangler

1982-Billy Eckstine

1983-Birch Hotz

1984-Birch Hotz

1985-1988-Billy Eckstine

1988-1992- Lewis Dominick

1993-2012- Raymond F. Hinkle

2013-2014-Ed Crutchley

2015-Present Carol Linton


The Myersville Volunteer Fire Company has had a long line of dedicated Chief Officers since we began. The first documentation that could be found with references to a Company Chief was 1940.

1940-Lester Frushour

1941-1965-No Documented Chief

1966-Austin Kaetzel

1967-1969 Kenneth R. Brandenburg

1970-Charles S. Martin

1971-1975 Robert Lee Grossnickle

1976-Carroll W. Smith

1977-1979 Paul Spangler

1980-Dick Christ Jr.

1981-1997- Mark Sexton

1997-2002-Martin Love

2003-2008 Wayne Neal

2008-2012 Rick Breeze

2012 -2012 Stephen Reid

2012-2015 Justin Clipp

2016-2017 Wayne Neal

2018-Present Tim Linton